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To my friends in Senate District 33: We live in very interesting times here in Minnesota.

First, we experience the covid-19 crisis, which was sold to us by the media as a catastrophic pandemic that would kill us all. Governor Walz and his 'models' have been wrong every time. With 80% of the deaths coming from nursing homes, his lack of leadership to protect our most vulnerable citizens is reprehensible.

Then we had the riots of Minneapolis and St Paul. Rather than lead a strong response, he dithered as buildings burned and businesses were looted. Only after Republicans complained loudly did Walz finally act. Combined with the sheer incompetence of these cities' mayors, millions of unnecessary property damage was done. And guess where they are all looking for money now? The Legislature ... and YOUR wallet.

We can't afford this kind of 'leadership.' And I need your help.

My latest opponent is an heiress to a family fortune, who will not abide by the spending limits that 99% of candidates will. She appears ready to spend her family fortune against me. Our SD33 seat is not for sale.

Can I ask you for a small donation? I have pledged to abide by the spending limits and the Minnesota Political Contribution Refund program is available to donations. While maximum contributions ($1000) are appreciated, so are all the $25 and $50 checks that people send me.

You can contribute via my website or send a check to:

David Osmek Volunteer Committee
4933 Crestview Road
Mound, Mn 55364

... and please remember to VOTE on Tuesday, November 3. Polls close at 8:00PM.

Thank you for your support and I will continue to work hard for you.


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