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Dave Osmek engages the Twin Cities media to talk issues ....

September 17, 2015: Dave appears on Fox 9 to talk about the "Right to Repair" bill.

In June 2015, Governor Mark Dayton threatened to shut down state government if he didn't get an increase in state gasoline taxes. Dayton's increase would have given Minnesota the highest gas taxes in the nation. Senator Osmek responded with this radio ad.

April 15, 2015 Star Tribune article: "On Met Council, we get cronyism, not reform: Dayton blew chance to increase local control and improve leadership for regional body." Also see this January 29, 2015 Star Tribune article: "House Republicans establish panel for Met Council oversight."

September 4, 2014 Star Tribune article: "Lillehaug-MacDonald race: Voters should ask tough questions of both: Specifically from the sitting justice's side, we need information about legal bills related to the 2011 state government shutdown."

January 17, 2014 Star Tribune article: "Legislature shouldn't waste money on streetcars: This urban fad would cost more and achieve less than adaptable buses."

MNSRC Press Conference January 2014: State Senator Dave Osmek responds to an audit that revealed secret payments to David Lillehaug from the Dayton administration.

Jack & Ben September 2013: State Senator Dave Osmek joins the Jack & Ben Show on AM1130 on to talk about property taxes.

Hot Air August 2013: State Senator Dave Osmek talks with Ed Morrissey of AM1280 the Patriot at the Minnesota State Fair

Dave Osmek's Twitter Feed:

July 1, 2013 Star Tribune article: "The Dayton/DFL tax bill will burden you now: As of Monday, the new policies are in effect, and you don't have to be a rich smoker to feel them."

Capitol Update June 2013: Randy Gilbert interviews Senator Osmek, Rep. Hertaus and Rep. Pugh

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